Full-blood Wagyu Products

Full-blood Wagyu Products

All of our Full-blood Wagyu beef is processed under export and Halal conditions, inspected by AQIS and is HGP free.

Signature Label

Mayura Station Signature Series has been specifically developed for greater complexity and integration of delicate silky flavours to maximise your eating experience.  Performance breeding and pure pedigrees are a major distinguishing factor in the quality of this beef.  To stabilise earthy undertones of flavour the cattle are raised on rolling age old terrain of limestone knoll rises and clean fresh pastures until 12 months of age.  The cattle are then grain-fed utilising a time honoured Japanese grain-feeding technique to sculpt and enhance the unique delicate flavours and tenderness.  Pure pedigrees, clean natural pastures, sculptured grain-feeding programs and purified clean water are what make Mayura Signature Series Full-blood beef so special.  The combination and balance of unprecedented flavour, tenderness and juiciness creates a new level of excellence

Platinum Label

Our Mayura Platinum Series is characterised by extremely high levels of marbling, with a minimum BMS of Ausmeat 8.  The rich buttery flavour associated with this line has incredible depth, lingering on your palate long after you have finished your mouthful.  For many, this is the quintessential Wagyu experience

Gold Label

The Mayura Gold Series is characterised by a balance of medium levels of marbling and rich earthly flavours, with a focus on robust beef flavour.  This label is a great introduction to the flavours of Wagyu; not too overpowering, but still with unique flavour and great tenderness

Healthy Diet

Full-blood Wagyu beef is unique in the world of beef as it has a unique fat composition where the ratio of monounsaturated fat to saturated fats is 2:1. This is a marked contrast of the majority of beef in Australia that has a ratio of 1:1

The mono-unsaturated fats in Wagyu beef have high levels of both linoleic acid (omega 6) and linolenic acid (omega 3).  Of course due to the high levels of fat you should always eat in moderation.