100% Full-blood Wagyu Cattle

100% Full-blood Wagyu Cattle

Experience Award winning Wagyu Beef at Mayura Station

Full-blood Wagyu refers to the beef produced from Wagyu cattle who show no evidence of cross-breeding with other breeds and whose pedigree can be traced back to Japan providing 100% Full-Blood Wagyu beef.

Located on the Limestone Coast of South Australia, Mayura Station focuses on the production of Full-blood Wagyu beef, which is recognized as being the highest quality beef available.

Delivering the highest quality Wagyu beef to the world

It has taken many years to develop a process that can deliver the highest quality 100% Full-blood Wagyu beef to consistently meet the demands of some of the World’s most discerning chefs. This continual drive for excellence has developed a strong export market for Mayura Station Wagyu, with Mayura branded beef sold into the high-end food service sector in 8 different countries.