Mayura Station Full-blood Wagyu Beef

About Mayura Station

Mayura Station is one of Australia’s most respected and awarded luxury quality beef brands.

Our boutique brand of Full-blood Wagyu beef is produced on our ever expanding property located in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. Just like thoroughbred horses, our herd’s ancestry, bloodlines and pedigree are a major distinguishing factor in the quality of our beef.

Our Full-blood Wagyu cattle are performance bred to deliver the highest quality to our customers.

As a vertically integrated producer, Mayura Station cattle are bred, born, raised and grain-fed for use in our purpose built grain-feeding facility.  This sustainable approach ensures our Full-blood Wagyu beef is a natural hormone growth promotant (HGP) free product. 

Pure pedigrees, sculptured grain-feeding programs, clean natural pastures and sparkling clean water are what make Mayura Full-blood Wagyu Beef so special.