Mayura Station is a sustainable vertically integrated Full-blood Wagyu
operation delivering the ultimate quality and WOW factor

Award winning Full-blood Wagyu at Mayura Station

Wagyu Breeding

Established in 1997 with the importation of some of Australia’s first live Wagyu 100% Full-blood cattle. Mayura Station is home to one of the world’s most elite Full-blood Wagyu breeding operations. Decades of performance breeding have identified superior breeding lines and further established Mayura Station in South Australia as the epicentre of outstanding Wagyu genetics outside of Japan. 

Itoshigenami Jnr was identified as an outstanding sire and is a foundation sire for both our branded beef and female breeding programs.


Two stage operation delivering specially formulated rations that ensure the ultimate eating experience of unparalleled flavour profile, tenderness, succulent juiciness, silky mouth feel.

Stage One Range-feeding

The Wagyu cattle are fed specially formulated diets and roam in 10,000 m2 cells.  Cattle are moved from cell to cell to allow for pasture to rest.  These cells are all strategically placed on limestone hills guaranteeing cattle receive their calcium requirements naturally during their period of highest requirements.

Stage Two Barn-sheltered feeding

Affectionately known as the 'Mayura Moo Cow Motel', our 5 star finishing establishment is a large barn area furbished with saw dust floors and provides the ultimate in animal comfort.

Animals are fed a traditional slow growth diet that improves meat texture. Beef is HGP free and antibiotic free.

Grain and Fodder Production

A dedicated cropping operation supplies high quality grain and fodder into our Wagyu breeding and feeding divisions.

The use of composted materials along with traditional farming methods form the backbone of our sustainable operations.

Rotational cropping program includes growing cereals, wheat, oats, legumes, broad beans, clover, Lucerne (alfalfa), grasses, ryegrass and maize.

Our vertically integrated operation ensures quality control, traceability and the ultimate in food safety.